We Got a New Toy Organizer!

A few weeks ago we were talking about converting our little girl’s changing table. Next on our list was reorganizing her toys. For her first couple of years, we had picked up this small fold-up toy chest from Target. I’m not even sure they sell it anymore. It was mostly fabric-covered heavy duty cardboard, but at the time, the price was right and it worked really well for quite a while.

For lack of any other space and other practicality reasons, we kept it in our living room. As you can imagine, as she got older and her toys continued to not only grow in number but in size and complexity, this toy bin was not quite ideal any longer. It was pretty much falling apart and there was just one giant mess of toys that kept creeping into our living space. We needed another solution. I wanted something to not only get the toys out of the way but help keep them organized as well. I also wanted something that was taller rather than a wide chest or bin.

There were loads of options for these types of toy organizers and I’m sure most of you have seen them in various places. We landed on this one from Walmart. The price was extremely reasonable and the white version colors were a nice match for a girls room.

Honey Can Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins - $56.60 at Walmart
Honey Can Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins – $56.60 at Walmart
There are other similar options and variety from Walmart as well including one that’s on sale now for $42.

Of course when it was delivered, my husband was all too eager to put it together and we had it up and filled with toys that night. The construction was fairly easy and didn’t really have a lot of pieces. It’s mainly the two side pieces with pairs of bars going across and spaced out to make the bin “shelves”. The bins simply rest at an angle on the bars.


I can’t even begin to describe how much better the entire house felt without that awful toy bin mess. We’ve had this up for a few weeks now and have since moved it into my daughter’s room making it even better. This actually really helps her keep her own toys cleaned up and organized as she loves sorting and categorizing things and is extremely good at putting things back in the right place. Not only that, but now that it’s in her room, our living room does not get anywhere near as messy and cluttered. Most of the time the toys remain in her room and she’ll play with her friends in her room keeping the toys in there and not in the living room any longer. I especially like how easy it is to pull the bins out as well. This allows her to, if she wants to, select a bin to bring out to play and then it can all go back in it’s place easily enough.

Slowly but surely, we’re cleaning out and organizing more and more in the house. Something we haven’t done pretty much since before our daughter was born. I think it’s about time.

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