When you no Longer Need a Changing Table

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had gone out on a date to do pottery painting. Being the parents of a very adorable (I’m not biased…..) three year old girl, we of course made something for her room. We ended up selecting these lego block banks and decided we’d use them as bookends. I was so excited when I got a text from the pottery store that our project was ready. Despite some snafus while painting, they came out super cute!


I really loved our color choices and how it all came together.

This was perfect timing as we really wanted to clean off our daughter’s changing table which is not needed any longer and had in mind to convert it to more of a dresser top. We didn’t want to trash the changing table as it has drawers and her hamper which are still very much in use, but we no longer needed the actual changing pad.

Here’s the table we have. I very highly recommend it if you are in the market. It has served us well for three years and still going. It has some weak points in the hamper frame, so take care not to pull it out and schlepp it around. That was our mistake. Other than that, this has stood pretty solidly for the past three years and it is super functional and I’d say one of the best pieces of furniture we got when we were outfitting my daughter’s room.

Badger Basket Badge Changing Table & Hamper – $129.99 at Target
The table actually comes with a small pad, but we preferred a larger pad (Summer Infant® Contour Changing Pad) and of course, being totally obsessed with Winnie the Pooh since I was a child, I had to get the Winnie the Pooh pad cover.

So I put the changing pad away and cleaned off the table top. The banks/bookends did their job nicely as I set them up with a number of books that were in my daughter’s room.


Along with the books and bookends, I kept a basket (Large Lined Basket – Dark Brown Weave – Threshold™) up there that houses a few essentials for easy access.  The basket was a baby present we received along with some baby essentials back in the day. It was the perfect tool for organizing little things for quick access and remained on the changing table since the day we brought our little girl home and is still so useful. There was also a nice amount of room for her toy jewelry (the box on the right – Joyin Toy 65 Pieces Girls Princess Jewelry Toy Playset). We also added the basket that contains her hair accessories (not in the photo) to complete our now very functional dresser top.

Next on our list was getting a new toy bin and reorganizing. My parents were gracious enough to get us a brand new toy bin/organizer and we couldn’t wait to clean up her toys and organize them. Stay tuned for more details in another post!

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