Journey to a Healthier Me – Days 10-13 – I Got my Fingers to Touch the Floor

Due to a sick child (don’t worry ended up being just an ear infection) and an impending migraine attack (story of my life), I took a short break over the weekend from the blogging as well as the daily exercise but I did reach an accomplishment last Thursday. I managed to get all my fingers to touch the floor when attempting a forward fold!

For those that have not been following, a couple of weeks ago, I started a new weight loss journey and am using this blog to keep my journal as well as keep me on track and honest. You can follow my story and read the previous posts here: My Journey to a Healthier Me

I have now almost completed two full weeks and I’m very happy to say I am still keeping to my plan. So far so good! I had a really good exercise session Thursday and although I still need some assistance at times (like using the sofa for support), I managed to get all my fingers to hit the floor during a forward fold! It’s hard to tell as the frame cuts off a bit, but here’s Thursday’s clip.


Unfortunately, not only did my little girl start to get sick Thursday night, but I started to feel off as well so I opted to take a short break from the exercise to allow myself to rest a bit. Turns out my issue was an oncoming migraine attack. My little girl however, had a miserable weekend with a very high fever and we took her to the doctor Saturday night. Turned out she had an ear infection and is thankfully on the mend.

The weekends are still more difficult to stay on plan with the dieting as we tend to either go out, have guests or just general snack food around the house for when guests pop by. We went out to friends for dinner Friday night and while I’m sure I overate a little, all of her dishes were extremely healthy with loads of good protein and vegetables and absolutely delicious (I will be asking her for recipes and may post those as well). My husband, however, decided to make s’mores pie to bring for dessert. I only ate the tiniest sliver, so I still consider that a success. I didn’t eat any more nor go off plan at all the rest of the weekend and am still going strong today.

I’m still feeling off from the migraine today, but hope to get back on the exercise again first thing tomorrow and keep going!

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