Doggie Coats for the Winter

We are the proud owners of two adorable little rescue mutts (one’s a chihuahua mix and the other’s a yorkie mix).

Our little doggies are not by any means, cold weather dogs, especially the chihuahua. They are both total lap dogs and love to snuggle inside under the covers on cold days.

Most small dogs need a little extra padding to keep them warm and safe during the winter months. Every year or two, we’re on the lookout for new winter coats to keep them snuggly and warm when walking them outside in the cold. This year, I headed over to to check out their selection.

Both dogs are small, but can be odd sizes and they often fall in between sizes as they are both a little bigger in length, but have a small width and neck size. One is also slightly larger than the other so finding the right coat for both of them can be a little difficult. After some thorough measuring and checking the recommended sizes on the site, I selected these two coats:

Pet Life Metallic Pink Dog Parka, Small – $17.79 at Petco
Pet Life Pink Vintage Aspen Dog Ski Jacket, Medium – $17.79 at Petco
The coats arrived fairly quickly and I was all too eager to try them on our little pups.

They weren’t so eager…..but I managed to get a few nice shots.

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As I predicted, they absolutely hate wearing the hoods. The good news is, though, the hoods can be removed. They are so much happier without them!

For the most part, we really love these coats. They actually fit them extremely well and are fairly sturdy and durable. We’ve bought a similar parka (the one you see on Muppet – our fluffy one) in the past and were happy with it then. The only issue is that the closure is velcro which can wear out quickly. The last one we had didn’t last more than a season or two. The other coat has a snap closure which we’re super happy with, though my poor Mokey tends to freak out as she doesn’t like the snapping sound.

Truth be told, we’re not looking for much when it comes to doggie coats. Basically we look for something that fits, will keep them warm and will last a while. These absolutely fit that bill.

We have yet to have the need to wash the coats, so that will be a big test, but overall we’re very happy with the purchase and the doggies do look adorable and the coats definitely keep them warm. If you have small dogs in need of winter coats, we’d highly recommend these.

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Pet Life Metallic Pink Dog Parka, Small
Regular Price:$39.99
On Sale for 56% off.
Final Price with Discount:$17.79
Pet Life Pink Vintage Aspen Dog Ski Jacket, Medium
Regular Price:$39.99
On Sale for 56% off.
Final Price with Discount:$17.79

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