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Note: While this article was published earlier, donations will also include efforts to help victims of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico as well.

It’s been quite a crazy time weather-wise lately. After the terrible devastation in Houston in the wake of hurricane Harvey, another storm, Hurricane Irma, came barreling through the Caribbean, hit Cuba and then made landfall in Florida last Sunday. We’ve all heard stories of the decimated islands and destruction in the Florida Keys and up through Florida hitting both the east and west coastlines with major damage.

My parents retired down to south Florida a number of years ago and made the decision to head up north along with additional family to stay with us last week well before the storm hit so they could stay safe. We spent a stressful weekend worrying about the path of the storm and what the damage could be. Irma hit their area on Sunday and thank God the worst they got was a loss of power (just restored today). We spent much of Monday checking in and calling other close friends and family that made the decision to stay behind and weather the storm. Everyone was very lucky with either moderate or little-to-no damage and some near misses with tornadoes that had touched down in the area as well.

Others are not so lucky, particularly along the coast, the Florida Keys and of course in the Caribbean. The photos and footage we’ve seen are simply horrifying.

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There are loads of ways you can donate online to help relief efforts. Many stores and businesses have updated their sites and included links and ways to donate and help with the relief and rebuilding efforts.

I have a collection of partner stores you can find HERE. By clicking on the links to shop online, a percentage of your order totals will be donated by ShopDay to relief efforts to help both victims of hurricane Harvey as well as Irma.

Here are a few select stores from the list. You can click on the links below to shop and donate now or you can visit my Hurricane Relief 2017 page to view all participating stores.



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Thank you for your support!

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