Journey to a Healthier Me – Days 14-15 – Two Weeks Down and Winning the Little Battles

Every day’s a small battle. Anyone who’s been on a journey like this will agree, that every single day there are small battles (some more than others) to overcome to keep going and stay motivated. There are temptations everywhere and every day. It’s a constant battle of wills with yourself. This week, between the sick child in the house and my migraine attack I’m finding it really hard to keep up, particularly with the daily exercise. My body simply would just not get out of bed early enough for a few days and I’m still in the midst of the attack with debilitating nausea and persistent headaches. I’m hoping the attack passes soon. It’s been a long time since I had one that lasted more than a couple of days and now I’m on day 6. I’ve had attacks last two weeks or more.

So while I didn’t keep to the exercise every single day, I managed to make it in one day and have still kept my dieting in-check (despite the candy we now have in the house for the trick-or-treaters that never came last night). At least I’m winning those battles and have yet to really cheat on my diet since I started. I consider that a win.

For those that have not been following, a couple of weeks ago, I started a new weight loss journey and am using this blog to keep my journal as well as keep me on track and honest. You can follow my story and read the previous posts here: My Journey to a Healthier Me

I’m now into week three and I’m almost 10 pounds down! It’s a little hard to tell exactly at it varies, especially depending on what I’m wearing, but I’m definitely still losing.

I’m slowly getting a little better at getting these positions and getting my hands down to floor (still just barely getting my fingertips down).


I’m going to try to get up in time again tomorrow and keep fighting the little battles!

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