Journey to a Healthier Me – Day 8 – I Did Not Stress Eat!

For those that have not been following, last week I started a new weight loss journey and am using this blog to keep my journal as well as keep me on track and honest. You can follow my story and read the previous posts here: My Journey to a Healthier Me

Now that my first week is behind me, I start week number two and I’m still remaining on plan and doing my yoga every morning. Sadly, my little girl did not wake up on time, but she did do some of her own when she did. A friend recommended Cosmic Kids. She brings kids stories to life with yoga positions and movements. I have to say I’m fairly entertained and my daughter absolutely loves it. While she hasn’t been able to wake up early enough to practice with me, she still manages to wake up early in order to do some of her own.

Meanwhile, yesterday was an extremely stressful day. To make a long story short, basically my husband and I are having some issues with local taxes from a business we had a few years ago. I spent most of the day digging through paperwork, filling out paperwork, doing more research, sending e-mails and knocking my head against the wall…. you get the idea. By the time I was done, I turned to my husband and said “I want ice cream”. I was so exhausted and burnt out and really just wanted some comfort food. Being the amazing supportive super-husband that he is, he replied “but you’re doing so well and you’ve lost weight.” He was right, I was and while I considered it for another moment, I did NOT cheat on my diet.

If I’m going to be completely honest with myself and on this blog, I’m going to cheat at some point. It’s inevitable and for me, almost necessary. I cheated from time to time when I was on Medifast back in the day. When I was on it that first time and really dedicated, I always planned cheating days/meals ahead, like if I was going to a special occasion or for a holiday etc. I would always keep in mind that it was a one-time occurrence, kept servings to a minimum and did not let it derail me. I also scheduled periodic cheats when I hit milestones to treat myself. The planning and cheat days helped me a lot (does not work for everyone, especially those that have trigger foods) as it gave me that small break when I could eat some favorite foods I was missing and then kept my mindset on-track to keep on-plan the next day. When I was keeping to it really well, I never had any major setbacks and my weight loss continued. I’m going to try it again, maybe plan a cheat for when I lost the first 15 pounds or so.

With my daily exercise this week, I’m starting to just barely touch the floor with my fingertips when I attempt a forward fold. Yay progress!

I’m still taking breaks at times and can’t really get up off the floor easily, but it’s a work in progress and I’m now determined to keep at it.

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October 24, 2017
October 24, 2017
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