Journey to a Healthier Me – Day 7 – One Successful Week on the Books!

Last week, I started a new weight loss journey and am using this blog to keep my journal as well as keep me on track and honest. It’s been working pretty well so far. You can follow my story and read the previous posts here: My Journey to a Healthier Me

I am so happy to share, I have made it through my first week with success! celebrating-emoji-clipart-4.png I even went out last night to a friend for dinner and didn’t overdo it and pretty much kept on-plan for myself.

On to the next week! Most of my previous false-starts didn’t last more than a week or two, so if I can keep this up for another couple of weeks, I think I’ll be pretty good to keep going and reach my goals. I’m trying to aim for smaller goals since I’ve got such a long journey ahead and so much weight to lose. My first big milestone will be when I’ve lost the first 30 pounds bringing my weight below 300. I’m about four pounds down already so only 26 to go!

Of course my little girl still managed to wake up in time yesterday and enjoyed doing yoga with mommy again (she wasn’t so lucky this morning).

I’m getting better trying to reach the floor. Still not quite there yet, but there’s a little progress. Also, last night, after walking to and from my friend’s place, I noticed that my hip doesn’t hurt anywhere near as bad as it did a couple of weeks ago. That alone is a huge improvement and I’m hopeful it’ll get even better in another week or two so I can start walking a bit more.

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October 23, 2017

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