Journey to a Healthier Me – Days 21-22 – Week Three and 13 Pounds down!

I have to say it’s such a great feeling to keep seeing that scale go down. I still have so far to go and I’m trying very hard not to dwell on the journey ahead and how much more there is, but how I’m still going and that scale is still dropping.

For those that have not been following, a few weeks ago, I started a new weight loss journey and am using this blog to keep my journal as well as keep me on track and honest. You can follow my story and read the previous posts here: My Journey to a Healthier Me

I am now into week four and feeling really energized that I’ve almost got one month behind me. I’ve just about surpassed the time on previous attempts over the past few years. I don’t think I ever went past a few weeks before completely breaking down again.  Somehow, though, I feel like this is going so slow and the days and weeks are dragging along. I don’t remember feeling this way years ago when I first went on Medifast. Maybe I did and I just don’t remember it. Perhaps I was also not dwelling on it as much. Life was very different back then and I was also working full time at a new job so I had loads more on my mind other than my dieting. I’m still fighting hard to make this time stick.

Here are some of the things that have been working for me so far to keep me going:

  1. Drinking lots of water – this is really key as it helps keep me hydrated, healthy and reduces the need to eat or snack more than I should
  2. Making sure to eat everything my diet allows and not skimping on calories or forgetting snacks – I’m not always amazing at this, but working hard to keep to it as it truly does help
  3. Taking pride in winning the little battles every day – like how I did NOT eat any more chocolate that was still in the house yesterday
  4. Not completely depriving myself – thanks to my wonderful husband that manages to make amazing balanced meals with my favorite foods (side note – must start posting recipes!)
  5. Holding myself accountable and reminding myself that people are watching and cheering for me 🙂

I managed to get up and do my morning yoga again yesterday.

I’m still struggling at times, but I’m making small progress and finding that I’m moving just a tiny bit faster. It’s not as fun without my little partner, but she’s clearly not a morning person.

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