We Love Back to School Shopping at Target

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I can’t even begin to say how much we love shopping at Target. It’s been our go-to store since pretty much forever, especially after having our little girl. Target’s brand was our absolute staple for diapers, wipes and formula. We also signed up for the REDCard which gave us even more incentive to shop there getting an instant 5% cashback on every purchase. With that, one of my little girl’s first sentences was “I go shopping at Target” (while pushing her toy shopping cart that we bought at – you guessed it – Target!). Clearly that was the only store in existence.

She’s now just turned three and starting preschool in September. So where do we go to buy her some new clothes for school? Of course – we go to Target! Aside from the convenience and excellent pricing, I actually really love Target’s kids’ clothing line, Cat & Jack. Aside from some hand-me-downs, her entire wardrobe is all from Target. The quality is great, the pricing is unbeatable and I really love the style. They have some really adorable items, especially their dresses. I often get compliments on her dresses and I am always forthcoming with where I got it, frequently met with surprise and shock that such nice looking items came from Target. To add to this, my little girl is hard to fit. She’s super skinny, so a lot of clothing never seems to fit her right, particularly skirts and dresses. They are either too short or too big. Luckily, we’re always able to find the right things that fit at Target. They happen to have pants, dresses and skirts that tend to run a bit longer fitting her very nicely and complimenting her very well.

So off we went in search of some new skirts, tops and dresses for September. We headed right over to the toddler girls’ clothing.


Of course, with any shopping trip at Target, we picked up way more than we probably should have. I had a really hard time picking and choosing since there were just so many really great options. After trying on loads of items (in two sizes since my girl is in between sizes at the moment), we walked out with a nice long skirt, three pairs of leggings with attached skirts (or “skeggings”) four tops and four dresses.

The long skirt was a great find. I love the look of long skirts on her as it really complements her long limbs and gives the impression that she’s taller than she is. She paired it (yes, she picked out the shirt and insisted on it) with this rainbow tee.

Toddler Girls’ Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Cat & Jack™ Cherry Cream
The long sleeve tee is perfect for the early fall and looked super cute on her with the skirt.

Out of the dresses we bought, this was my favorite. It just hung so nicely on her and really fit her well despite getting the bigger size due to length.

Toddler Girls’ A Line Dresses – Cat & Jack™ Burgundy
The leggings with attached skirts we got were perfect for her. As I mentioned, her size tends to run small being such a skinny little peanut, leading to skirts and dresses often being way too short. These were perfect for us allowing us to get skirts for her in the right size without worrying about the skirt length too much with the leggings. We ended up getting them in three different colors. Here she is with one we got along with the shirt we picked out to go with it.

Toddler Girls’ Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Cat & Jack™ Black | Toddler Girls’ Skegging – Cat & Jack™ Moxie Peach
My girl is super excited to wear her new clothes to school this fall and had a blast trying them on both in the store and for the photos. I have been blessed with this amazing girly girl who loves shopping, clothes and accessories. We’ll be back at Target very soon as I have yet to buy her a new bag and didn’t get her supplies list yet. I’m sure she’ll be super excited to go out shopping yet again.

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Toddler Girls' A Line Dresses - Cat & Jack™ Burgundy
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Toddler Girls' Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Cat & Jack™ Black
Regular Price:$7.99
Use the Target REDCard for 5% off.
Final Price with Discount:$7.59
Toddler Girls' Skegging - Cat & Jack™ Moxie Peach
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